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“I have been obsessed with cars since I was a kid. When I was 2, Auto magazines were my favourite readings. I could sit still, staring at those cars’ images for hours.”

My Story Continued

Steven Chen

From there, I start my dream to be a race car driver. When I was 3, I learned to operate the steering wheel in my dad’s car while my dad operated the pedals and shifter. Driving is my passion from day one.

In a rare opportunity, I jumped in a 4-stroke go-kart when I was 12, which completely changed my life. I showed my talent to drive and control; at that moment, I knew this would be what I dedicated my life to.

Driving in an environment that does not motivate motorsport is extremely hard. Resources are limited, and people will talk about it and question what you are doing. It’s like swimming reverse in a river. Undeniably, I had doubts. But I am glad I stood my ground and chose to keep going.

After coming to Canada, I wanted to keep developing in motorsport. I raced karts in national-level races, had some great performances throughout the years, and finally, into automobile racing with Radical. Overcoming all the difficulties, with the great platform, I firmly developed my resources and connections in the industry. I became the best- and most well-known racing driver in the Chinese community. While studying Engineering at UofT, I extended my engineering mindset to racing experience to be more than just driving but to engineer it so that people can be benefited from it.

My goal is to eliminate discrimination and connect individual small communities into powerful unity in this industry. Motivate people who never had the chance to approach motorsport to know about it and enjoy it. People like me, the actual car enthusiast, will have the opportunity to develop themselves.

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